A todo list you won’t ignore.
Do what you say... or pay.

A todo list app proposed by Pat Griffith. Once 200 people show interest I’ll go ahead and build it. Pledge $1 to show your interest and you’ll be rewarded handsomely if and when this gets built. You’ll also have your voice heard. All features below are subject to change based on your feedback.

Wait, What?

It’s a simple todo list
With a motivational twist.

Complete each task before it’s due
Or I’ll charge your card and laugh at you.

Riggggght. Why?

You start a new todo list.

You excitedly add 14 items.

You never look at it again.

Sound familiar?

I’m Going To charges your credit card every time you don’t mark a task as complete by the due date.

Which has two great benefits.

  1. You’ll come back and look at your list again. Even if it’s just to push back the due date.
  2. You’ll be more deliberate about what you put on your todo list in the first place.

Yay for monetary accountability. But wait, there’s more...

Social accountability.

Have email or paper mail (yes, really) updates sent to friends when you screw up. Or when you succeed, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Make it public.

Optionally make your todo list visible to the whole world. Cool for extra accountability. Doubly cool if you’re working on a project and you want your users to be able to follow your progress.

Get paid to work faster.

Making something that people want? Let people pay you (you define the amount) to move up the due date on a task. Great for companies that are using this to track new features.

Root against your friends!

Refer your friends (aka random people on the internet that you don’t know) and you get 25% of every dollar they get charged. Oh, and THEY get 25% of every dollar that YOU get charged. LOLOL.

Alpha Alert! This referral system is subject to change while I’m Going To is still in Alpha.

A simple, powerful todo list.

I have a hard time writing serious copy. I find it boring. But please don’t let my tomfoolery tomfool you. I’m Going To is simple, beautiful, powerful, and easy to use. And it would be your favorite todo list app even without my shenanigans built in. Seriously.

Sort of. The thing is, this is just an idea at this point. But it’s one that I’m ready and able to execute. Just say the word.

Questions that I’ll answer before they have a chance to be asked frequently.

Who are you and can you deliver?

Hi! My name is Pat Griffith. I’m a developer turned designer turned entrepreneur. I suffer terribly from prioritizing urgent tasks over important tasks, and have decided to take measures into my own hands.

Can I deliver?

I can’t answer that in an unbiased way. So I’ll tell you a little about what I’ve done and let you decide for yourself.

In the past two months I’ve launched Showuply, Chat Thingy, and Find Thy Peeps.

Brad Jasper, creator of Focus, recently said of me: "You’re changing the way that work gets done."

In 2017 I sold Pick Monitor for $75,000. (That’s old work that’s not representative of my current dev and design skillz.)

From 2014 - 2016 I worked at Deal Catcher, creating the site you see now (amidst severe creative restraints) out of what it used to look like. I also singlehandedly designend and developed their iOS App which has a 4.7 star rating.

Note that I’ve never made an Android app, but I’m pretty sure I could figure it out.

Unfortunately that’s the only publicly-visible work of mine at the moment. Why? Because I’ve launched and shut down at least 12 other sites over the years that I can think of, most of them quite beautiful (IMHO). And this is the entire reason for vetting my ideas up front from now on. I’m tired of spending huge chunks of time building things that aren’t a good fit for the market.

Is my credit card info secure?

All transactions are processed securely through Stripe. I do not save any of your credit card data with the exception of the last 4 digits of your card for identification purposes. Not comfortable with me having the last 4 digits? Contact me and I’ll delete them.

When will this be ready?

I’m not super into spending loads of time on unvalidated things, so...

I’ll start development once I get 200 users signed up. And I guarantee to have a minimum viable product out within two weeks of that happening. So if you want this? Tell people about it.

(oh, and the referral program is already working)

What does my $1 pledge buy me?

Something worth more than $1.

It depends on the exact featureset, but likely it’ll get you a LOT more than $1 back.

My current plans have me giving all $1 pledgers a full year of a $49/mo membership. But the featureset isn’t finalized so I can’t make promises at this stage.

Can I get my $1 back?


There is no time deadline for launching this. So if at any point you want your dollar back just let me know and I’ll get it back to you, whether that’s tomorrow or six months from now.

Can’t I just change the due date? Or delete the task?

Most certainly. Go for it!

The point of this isn’t to be a butthead and take your money at all costs (though I’d like to be able to afford health insurance). No, the point is simply to create a todo list that you pay attention to.

So technically you never get charged for a lack of doing. You only get charged for a lack of showing up.

Will you make mobile apps?


Again, I want to make sure people actually want this before I dump my entire life into it, so...

I’ll make an iOS app at or before 10,000 users. And I’ll hire an Android developer at or before 20,000 users.

Roughly what will it look like?

Probably pretty close to Todoist. The same sort of clean, simple interface with an allowance for unlimited projects, unlimited tasks within each project, and unlimited subtasks for each primary task.

Each project and task will be able to have its own settings (privacy, monetary penalty, notifications, etc), but all will default to a global setting so you’re not bothered with setting this up each time.

The MVP will only support a single user, but before too long I’ll add team support.

And public todo lists will have some cool functionality for letting others comment, vote, etc. You can set up some rules for whether anyone can comment, whether they have to be whitelisted, whether they have to make a donation to you first, etc. I really want this to be the go-to tool for companies that want to share their todo lists with their audiences. To that end, I’ll be talking directly with some such companies so I can make sure I get this part right.

Note that I care A LOT about design. It’ll be pretty.

I also despise using a mouse. So there’ll be keyboard shortcuts for everything.

Start a todo list that you’ll finish.